Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Three albums that have been popping up in my playlist on a rather regular basis of late are Shuttle358's wonderful ambient Chessa (12K), Parallax Beat Brothers' Autek (Autek) and Opsvik&Jennings's Fløyel Files (NCM East). Three rather different records I have found getting back to over and over.

Shuttle358 is the long-running project of Los Angeles-based artist Dan Abrams who has released music for 12K and Mille Plateaux. This new album deals with beautiful spacious structures and textures, and is a rather facinating piece of work.


Parallax Beat Brothers is the project of drummer and percussionist Pete Lockett, who has worked with people as diverse as Bjork, Peter Gabriel, Nitin Swhney, The Verve, Craig Armstrong or Afro Celt Sound System, and sound artist Scanner, AKA Robin Rimbaud, who I interviewed last year for themilkfactory. This album finds its ground on Scanner's various experiemental incarnations, ranging from bleepey electronica to arid ambient.

Pete Lockett

Fløyel Files is the first album from Norwegian bassist Eivind Opsvik and Okhlahoma-based guitarist Aaron Jennings. Released on Brooklyn-based imprint NCM East, this album combines experimental jazz and electronic structures, and is rather interesting.


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