Thursday, January 05, 2006


Rather productive day working from home today, due to repair man coming to fix both tyres on my scooter, the front losing air like nobody's business and the back being completely and utterly flat. The guy finally turned up at 6.10pm! Diagnostic: corrosion on the front rim, and a small nail in the back. £55 later, it's all fixed. He's actually been very kind and has put tubes in both tyres so it would work and be reasonably cheap.

Working from home gives me the chance to listen to music I love on speakers asopposedd to headphones, and today was a rather good day for that... Here's the playlist in pictures:

Kraftwerk: Minimum Maximum (Box set version)

One I was prompted to dig out after finding the label's main guy on MySpace: Supersprite: Colourmixing

The legendary Black Dog with their superb Silenced from last year

The rather chaotic and unpredictable mash-up folk of The Books Lost And Safe

This is something of a rare gem: Slowdive 5 EP and 5 EP (In Mind Remixes) which features two remixes of the main track, one by Bandulu and the other by Reload

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Beautiful as ever.... Biosphere: Dropsonde (CD version)

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