Monday, January 02, 2006


Less than 360 days till Christmas! Woooopey!...

The last couple of weeks have been positively great and fun, with highlights including the wedding (not mine), Paddy and Lesley taking a dip in Jersey for the traditional Christmas swim in the sea (water: 10 degrees C, air: far less!), and spending New Year's Eve in Blackpool with friends. Blackpool certainly is not my destination of choice, but since Jason and Kevin have chosen to move up there and open a guest house three years ago (already!), we have been doing the 4 hour plus journey a number of times.

Let's face it, Blackpool is a dire place if ever there was one, but spending some quality time with very good and dear friends certainly makes up for it. NYE itself was spent in one of the function rooms at the Pleasure Beach for a black tie dinner, and we had a lot of fun. After a few hours sleep, some of us decided to make the most of the rather splendid New Year's day weather and went walking the dogs for two hours. I took loads of pictures, including these...

Friends, dogs and long shadows

Sea breaking against the sea wall near North Pier

Tram tracks and the unavoidable tower

Looking south... Note the seagulls caught in flight

Sunset on North Shore beach

People walking on the beach with North Pier and the tower in the background

Sunset on North Shore beach 2

Steps down to the beach

Beautiful lines in the sand

Steps to nowhere

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