Monday, December 19, 2005


Good to hear from Bip-Hop Records again. The label seems to have been quite slow at releasing music in 2005 compared to previous years. There’s only really been the superb Specified Encounters from Iris Garrelfs and From Tears: Beach Archive by Si-Cut.db. I am quite surprised there hasn’t been a new instalment in the Bip-Hop Generation series, the last one, volume 7, dating back to May 2004.

So I was rather exited to have two new albums from them landing on my desk recently: Janek Schaefer’s Migration, and Same Actor’s Sharp Edges.


The Schaefer offering is the ‘one hour original soundtrack for Migration, a site-specific dance choreographed by Noémie Lafrance and performed by the Liz Gerring Dance Company on window ledges opposite Grand Central Station in New York on 4 May 2005’. An interesting evolutive piece built around four sections.

SAME ACTOR Sharp Edges
SAME ACTOR Sharp Edges (BLEEP30)

Same Actor is the project of Chris Cook ‘for music made predominantly with guitar, sitar and dulcimer’ according to the press release. The result is a collection of rather interesting tracks with mixed flavours, sometimes allowing for oriental tones to delicately alter the mood of the record, while at others, the electronic undertones takes this work in a totally different direction.

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