Friday, December 16, 2005


Yesterday was a rather good day for post with stuff from a variety of labels, including quite a few CDs from Mexican label Static Discos, Murcof's original label, and something from the good people over at Leaf (I forgot what the band's name or album title is, so will have to post about it later).

There was also a package from Ninja Tune. I can always tell something comes from them as they use a particular type of envelop. This time though, the envelop was 7" size, and when I looked inside, there was something that looked like a Coldcut 7". I know there's a single coming up in January (check here), but looking closer, I realised that there were a tad too many tracks for a 7" single (12!). It turns out this is actually a copy of the new Coldcut album, Sound Mirrors.

I know it costs record labels a lot to produce really nice promos, but it is always nice to get one in the post. This one has apparently "a unique audio watermark" and is numbered (mine's #280), obviously to try and prevent people from leaking the album.

The packaging is so nice that I actually couldn't wait to play the album, even if I have never been mad about Coldcut. First impression is rather good. Very much in the Ninja vein, very eclectic, and features collabs with Roots Manuva, John Matthias (on the new single, Man In A Garage - I love the Lemon Jelly remix of that track which will be featured on the single), Robert Owens, Jon Spencer (without his Blues Explosion malarkey). Saul Williams and many more.

Favourite tracks on first listen: Walk A Mile with Robert Owens and Colours The Soul featuring Dom Spitzer.

Full track listing:
Everything Is Under Control
True Skool
Man In A Garage
Walk A Mile
Mr. Nichols
Sound Mirrors
This Island Earth
Just For The Kick
Aid Dealer
Whistle And A Prayer
Colours The Soul

The CD comes with two stickers (woopey!) and two badges. I usually give badges to Woody as he loves them and appears to collect them, but he won't get these!

The Coldcut set with the numbered CD, the stickers and the badges

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