Wednesday, December 21, 2005


In the post this morning:

A rather big package from the good people at Baked Goods, with new albums from B. Fleischmann (The Humucking Coil - Morr), Dub Tractor (Hideout - City Centre Office), Matinee Orchestra (Matinee Orchestra - Arable), Wechsel Garland (Easy - Karaoke Talk) and Mimi Secue (Maila - Karate Joe).

From Ninja Tune: Fink debut single, Pretty Little Thing, b/w Biscuits, rel. 06/02/2006, with album Biscuits For Breakfast to follow in April.

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B. Fleischmann: The Humucking Coil (Morr Music - Rel. 6/02/2006)

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