Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Very little post between Christmas and NY, but this was to be expected. Waiting for me on my desk this morning though was the CD version of Biosphere's superb Dropsonde (Touch, rel. 27/02/2006). The album was originally released a few months ago as a six-track LP. The CD features eleven tracks, five of which were on the LP (In The Shape Of A Flute, which closed the vinyl version, is not featured here)

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Different cover for a different album

While the LP shown Geir Jenssen in a more upbeat mood, the CD version features some more traditional Biosphere organic ambient tones, making this a rather different listening experience.

Track listing as follow:

Dissolving Clouds
Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings
Warmed By The Drift
In Triple Time
From A Solid To A Liquid
Fall In, Fall Out
Daphnis 26
People Are Friends

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