Thursday, February 09, 2006


The Richard H Kirk season continues with two of his albums as Sandoz played today. First, Afrocentris (Intone Records, 2001) and then the Redux version of the magnificent Digital Lifeforms (original album Touch, 1993, Redux version The Grey Area/Mute, 2004).

Originally released as a single album, Digital Lifeforms got a second CD added when re-released on The Grey Area, with some previously unreleased material recorded at the same time as Digital Lifeforms (1992/1993). The only track on the second CD that was ever released is Ocean Reflection, which appeared on the New Electronica/Beechwood compilation Global Technological Innovations - Unreleased 1 (1993).

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Digital Lifeforms original version
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Digital Lifeforms Redux

Afrocentris denotes a more modern sound (it was recorded seven years after Digital Lifeforms, and features more prominent elements of dub, possibly a resurgence of Kirk’s Sandoz In Dub side project.

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I've also just ordered a couple more of his albums to make good use of this voucher I still have to spend: the original Electronic Eye opus Closed Circuit (Beyond, 1994), the Warp follow-up to Virtual States, The Number Of Magic (Warp, 1995) and his recent reworking of the Blacworld album of a few years ago Subdued Demons In South Yorkshire Pt. 2 (Intone, 2005).

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