Saturday, February 04, 2006


That’s it. After last year’s big jobs on the house (rewiring, changing windows, get most of the heating sorted), we are finally getting started with decorating. On Monday, the builder is coming to get the office sorted, which means that we’ll finally have somewhere decent, clean, light and comfortable to work from.

The 'office' as it looks now, pre-building work, complete with delightful flowery wall paper

So today, Sean and I went to the hellhole that is Ikea Croydon. 3 hours! 3 fucking hours in there. I DO hate furniture shops at the best of times, but Ikea has to be one of the most traumatic shopping experiences ever, alongside doing the weekly shopping at Tesco’s!

We spent so much time just making sure we could fit the desk we wanted in the room, decide which finish we wanted, get bits and pieces for the desk, get some ideas for additional shelving/storage, then we had to go and get everything from the warehouse bit, make sure we had the correct bits and all of them too… And obviously, I got a serious need for the loo near the end and had to go all the way back to the entrance section of the store, then got lost trying to get back to Sean… Then, we had to queue for at least 20 minutes at the till. I really can't understand people who go to Ikea for a 'relaxing' stroll!

Anyway, we’ve got the desk and a couple of shelves units (at least one of them for part of my CD collection), a nice light fitting (most exiting buy of the day) and some other stuff. It is all being delivered tomorrow (Sunday if you don’t mind) between 8am and 6pm. Narrow window really...

Anyway, I doubt I would ever think of going to Ikea if I was in need of shopping therapy someday… If anything, I’d need therapy after going shopping there!

Ikea Croydon

Can’t wait to see the office finished and furnished now though… I am already planning to spend at least a whole Saturday taking my CDs out of boxes and put them on the shelves where I can easily get them. God knows what albums I'm going to come across that I haven't heard for years...

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