Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The office was completed on Saturday, and Sean and I (well, Sean, mostly) have put the shelves and desk up, so I spent yesterday afternoon (Sunday) going through my first box of CDs. The plan was originally to put them per alphabetical order so they would be easier to locate, but since I am not certain they will all fit in the office, I have gone for my old filing method, that is by vague genre and artist relevance, tinted with personal preferences. This is undoubtedly only relevant to me, and can often make finding a particular CD a bit of a treasure hunt, even for me, but this is definitely an improvement on the huge cardboard boxes that have served as storage for the last year and a half. This also has for effect of regularly bringing CDs I haven’t heard for some time to my attention.

During this re-shelving process, I am also clearing out some stock of CDs that I have probably never played, and will probably be unlikely to ever play in the future. I might finally try to get the hang of the e-bay thing and try to make some other people happy…

I will post a picture of the office once it is fully furnished and kitted (the Mac is still currently sitting on the dinning room table as there is a slight issue with the phone line in the office (from which the hub will ultimately be plugged in).

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