Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Upon recommendation from Woody, I’ve been giving the new Knife album a thorough listen over the last few days, and I must say that I actually really like it. If I instantly liked Heartbeat from Deep Cuts (well before the Jose Gonzalez version surfaced on our TV screens for that Sony ad), the rest of their previous album kinda left me a bit cold around the edges.

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THE KNIFE Silent Shout (Brille, 2006)

Silent Shout is somehow quite different. Proudly wearing its bleeps and other rumbling noises on its pop sleeves, this album sounds a bit like if an E’d Kate Bush had teamed up with Depeche Mode at their most electronic and had been remixed by Orbital. Woody described Silent Shout as “scary – like being attacked by mechanical toys”. Not sure about the mechanical toys bit, but scary it surely is. And beautiful, in a sick kinda way…

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