Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I was recently going through the pointless, yet terribly satifying, exercise of listing my top 5 favourite artists. Although this is surely limitative, any more than a top 5 would be totally futile considering that, beyond place number two, things become pretty interchangeable depending on my mood. Here’s about what the top 5 looks like:

1. Autechre
2. Cocteau Twins
3. Broadcast
4. Biosphere
5. Animal Collective

Autechre, with their ultra complex and beautiful electronic music, are still undisputed leaders of the pack for me, and I still cannot (and do not wish to) resist the appeal of the wonderfully lush and emotional soundscapes from the Cocteau Twins. Yet, in recent years, Broadcast have become an essential part of my listening diet, and are currently my most played artist according to A week doesn’t go by without me listening to at least one of their record. Same goes for Biosphere and Animal Collective.

Interestingly for someone who proudly claims to feed mostly on electronic music, three of the five acts in my top 5 use guitars, albeit all in various treated forms.

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