Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I’ve just put the finishing touch to a new compilation. For some reason, it’s taken me a while to get to a point where I was happy about the track listing and how it worked. The selection has taken a surprisingly "electro" turn, so the compilation has been named The Electolyte Experiment, as it remains rather far from anything too electro-clash (thank God!)

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Coppé by Tony Williams

Here’s the track listing:

Scala: Remember How To Breathe
Dot Allison: We’re Only Science
Zeebee: Truth
Magnétophone: A Sad Ha Ha (Circled My Demise)
Cursor Miner: Remote Control
Broadcast: Black Cat
HK119: Friend For Dinner
Gus Gus: Ladyshave
Erlend Øye: Ghost Trains
Themselves: Good People Check
310: Opposite Corners
The Knife: Heartbeats
Alpinestars: Snow Patrol [Pt. 1]
Swayzak: Keep It Coming
Mirwais: Naïve Song
Margo: Little Kitty Mix [Remix by Tomas Jirku]
Krom: Outside
Coppé: Lavender Oil

All in all, 77 minutes and 8 seconds of rather nicely twisted pop.

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