Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MINT: Out Of Context / INIGO KENNEDY: Transaction (Rednetic Recordings)

The ever-excellent Rednetic deliver another couple of fine releases with new EPs from Mint and Inigo Kennedy.

Out Of Context
Rednetic Recordings 2006
07 Tracks. 29mins17secs

Mint | Rednetic Recordings

Out Of Context is the latest offering from Mint, AKA Murray Fisher, who also operates as one half of Boltfish Recordings. Collecting five original tracks and two remixes, this EP, Fisher’s first for Rednetic, is another foray into classic electronica territories. Lush melodies, crisp beats, warm soundscapes; Fisher builds impressive formations here, from the moody Coerce, which opens, and Out Of Context, to the feverish electro of Roman Triangle, the rampant melancholy of Russian Doll or the uplifting luminescence of Future Automation. Each track offers a slightly different angle to Fisher’s approach, yet they all integrate perfectly with each other, creating a constant flow of rich electronic soundscapes and ambiences. Mint’s own remix of Coerce reveals a much more dance floor-friendly touch, while Neytoda’s take on Out Of Context gives the track a surprisingly urban feel.

Fisher creates here another fine record, at times hinting at classic Detroit techno, and certainly reminiscent of early Warp or ART releases. Yet, this EP is certainly no painful nostalgic homage. Fisher knows very well how to manipulate classic ideas to make them sound fresh and modern, and he does it here once again with great elegance and disconcerting ease.

Rednetic Recordings 2006
07 Tracks. 38mins52secs

Inigo Kennedy | Rednetic Recordings

A London-based musician and DJ who has released an impressive amount of records under various aliases on countless labels, including his own, Asymmetric, Inigo Kennedy delivers here a sumptuous collection of electronic pieces for Rednetic. Spread over almost forty minutes, the seven tracks forming the backbone of this release go from beautifully crafted dreamy down-tempo compositions (Passing Doorways, It’s Complicated, A Timeless State) to raging techno moments (Runway Dreams, Quirky Night) without for a moment threatening the finely tuned balance of this album.

All the way through, Kennedy assembles incredibly complex compositions yet manages to retain the melodic aspect of each piece. Passing Doorways sets the standard for the rest of Transaction. Here, Kennedy brings together a haunting melody, sharp glitches and vast soundscapes into a tortured piece, articulating them around three distinct sections expertly jointed together.

Both Runway Dreams and Quirky Night hint at a much more dance floor-orientated approach, which wouldn’t have sounded out of place on any Dust Science releases. While a crisp driving beat rolls over moody analogue waves on Runway Dreams, creating a sharp hypnotic piece, Quirky Night introduces a much lighter tone. At times reminiscent of B12 or early Black Dog, the spirit of Detroit is perhaps much more palpable here than anywhere else on this record. The last four remaining tracks bring the pace down drastically, with Kennedy exploring different atmospheric settings, from the dreamy It’s Complicated and A Timeless State to the more earthy Ideas Arriving and Faraway Towns. Transaction is a truly stunning collection of beautifully produced electronica which is likely to leave any admirer of the genre wanting more. Much much more.

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